Quality control

Experience as a guarantee of success

We are committed to a Management System which drives us to increase both our competitiveness and profitability, providing high quality products at a market competitive cost and price; in a similar fashion we are committed to continuous improvement in both Quality Control and Environmental Health and Safety Management.

Management policy

“Teamwork and the contribution and commitment of individuals are the cornerstone for the successful development of our business activity”.

Our key objectives are the following:

1.- Manufacture products which meet the needs of our clients in both quality and service, this forms part of our ongoing activities to focus our efforts on achieving zero defects.

2.- Operate at a profit level which meets the needs of our shareholders; allows us to carry out a fair and competitive salary policy, and encourages new investment projects to guarantee our growth and development into the future.

3.- Create a working environment which facilitates the personal development of all the staff at LEMA Group, promoting teamwork and encouraging creativity.

4.- Comply with the requirements of our clients, as well as whatever legal or regulatory requirements or standards which may apply, with special regard to Safety in the Workplace, Environmental Protection and Quality Control.

5.- The prevention and reduction, in as far as it is possible, of the environmental impact of our business activity through the sensible use of energy and natural resources.

As such, a Strategic Plan will be prepared which will outline the medium-term business actions and also an annual Management Plan. These are the key documents for the company and will bring together objectives and goals in accordance with our management policy.

To ensure that the Management System and the Management Policy are functioning correctly, both in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, they will be reviewed and, if necessary, updated on an annual basis.

The scope of the System will include all processes carried out in LEMA Group and all metallic machined products manufactured in our plant.

To ensure that all staff members within the organisation are aware of and understand LEMA Group policy the following notice is publically displayed on our group notice boards.

With the aim of guaranteeing the development of the Management System, the continuous compliance with the content of this Manual and with the applicable regulations and technical specifications and the ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14000:2004 Standards, legal requirements with regard to Safety in the Workplace and Environmental Protection, I delegate my authority to the Quality Control Director and also to the Head of Environmental Health and Safety in the Workplace, giving them full authority to decide in the case of management disagreements between different departments and the authority to shut down production, if that is deemed appropriate due to danger to product quality, the environment or the safety of the workforce. As such; they will be fully aware of all client, environmental protection and risk prevention and safety in the workplace regulations at all levels of the organization.



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